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  Terms of Use

1. Declaration of use
The use, visit or download of Artring.com pages implies the acceptance of our terms of use. Artring.com reserves its right to amend the terms of use at any time. Please look regulary for changes at this place.

2. Copyright
Artring.com is operated by Artring.net. All materials contained on Artring.com sites are protected by copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of Artring.net.
All images shown at Artring.com are the copyrightę property of the respective individual artists and may not be used in any way without written consent of the artist.

3. Links
Artring.com provides links to other web sites. Because Artring.net has no control over such sites, we are not responsible for the availability of such external sites, and do not endorse and are not responsible or liable for any content from such sites.

4. Entry
There is the possibility of getting an entry for artist of photography or painting. As a matter of principle we only will accept art which not glorify violence or weapons and does not contain pornography. The submitting of an application implies the acceptance of our terms of use. Artring.com reserves its right to accept or to refuse submitted applications and to remove existing entries without justification. There is no right to claim an entry.

Artring.com offers the user to comment and to discuss the shown art work. It is prohibited to affront, offend, or insult the artist or the writer of a comment or to call the artist or the writer of a comment names. Also, comments are prohibited which include content out of moral standards as well as rude and contemptuous manners, writings, or terms. Submitted comments have to meet the Artring's context. The commentator is publishing (submitting) it's e-mail address voluntarily (optional) and at own risk. Artring.net reserves its right to remove comments violating the points above without justification and notification at any time. Artring.net is neither liable nor responsible for submitted comments and their content.

6. Newsletter
Artring.com offers a newsletter. The subscription is free and for everyone who wants to get the newsletter. The submitting of an e-mail in order to subscribe a third party/person without the clear approval of that third party/person is prohibited. An abuse of subscription is prohibited. Artring.net is neither liable nor responsible for subscriptions. If a subscription happened by mistake or abuse use the unsubscription form (by following the link 'Newsletter' at the bottom) or the link at the bottom of the newsletter or contact Artring.com by e-mail regarding the newsletter unsubscription. There is not entitlement/claim receiving the newsletter. There is no warranty for receiving the newsletter weekly. Artring.net reserves its right to cancel or to refuse a subscription without justification and notification.

7. Artist Contact
Artring.com offers the user to contact artists by an e-mail contact form. The artist's e-mail address is protected and not visible to the e-mail form's user. Artring.net is neither liable nor responsible for e-mails including the content submitted to an artist by the e-mail form. The e-mail contact form is not intended for an e-mail conversation that exceeds a simple, non-periodic, and non-public comment or an initiating contact with an artist.

8. Guarantee
There is no guarantee for an error free operation of this web site. Also, there is no liability in case of any hardware or software damages by using this web site.

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