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Tuonuove Moeringen and the Nibelungen

Tuonuove -Moeringen (Mering) and the Nibelungen. Part One: The southern shores of the Paar. The book in DinA3 entails a CD of about 120 MB, eine booklet with 22 pages and fifty coloured digitalprints in high quality. The scientific and essayistic articles of the CD and the booklet discuss the scenes of the 25th and the 26th aventiures, in whom the Burgunden arrive at "Moeringen" and the "Tuonuove" in the countesy of the count Else and his bavarian brother Gelfrat. The most important scientific insight in the book is perhaps, that not as always believed, Gro?mehring by Ingolstadt, but Mering at the river Paar, between Munich and Augsburg, is the mentioned medieval city "Moeringen". For the Hundeshagen'sche Handschrift of the Nibelungenepos this is surely important, because it concerns her date of creation and the identity of her donator.

The photographies try to develope an artistic approach in this context. They concentrate on the banks of the calm river and advise the reader's and viewer's perception to notice the important function as a centering 'street' through the medieval forest from Kaltenberg along Mering and Aichach to K?hbach. For the second Part of the Conceptual Art Project it is planned to thematize the 20 km long pairflow of the Paar and the far more famous river Danube, with all its history and islands, before at last the Paar flows into the Danube.


http://www.artou.de/kuenstler/ulrike-ri … 93065.html

http://www.artou.de/kuenstler/ulrike-ri … 99882.html

http://www.artou.de/kuenstler/ulrike-ri … 98671.html

http://www.artou.de/kuenstler/ulrike-ri … 06197.html


Dr. Ulrike Ritter
Dr.U. & .d.s.W.


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