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#1 2006-09-28 10:01:30

From: Minnesota
Registered: 2005-12-19
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Plastic Lesbians??? Erotic Figurines In Situations. 1/18th Scale

I recently ran across an article from France written about my erotic figures. They were talking about how I put these small figurines into a common situation, through props and backrounds. It is the second such article about plastic figures in different situations written about my art, by different people  in a 2 week span of time. I suppose I could shoot them just sitting on the shelf, but to me that is not really what this is about. I see my art as an excerise in small erotic, usually mundane stories, that tend to leave the viewer wondering, WTF, or smiling, or just staring catatonically!!

My work is a constant figment of how I feel, and about how I look at things in erotic figure art. This type of thing is not for everyone. Having said that, it is quite popular, so it must be for someone, as I create and sell about 300 of these per year. A girl wrote with photos recently, and asked if I could put her and her friend into a figurine set. Using a stock set that I had used before, I hacked off the head, body, and arms, and recreated another in her likeness, and stuck it on the standard figure piece. You will not usually find my work to look like dolls, or beauty queens, simply because most of them depict real everyday common people.

Seeing as it is getting close to autumn I put these girls into a simple late summer situation. As usual these are very sexually graphic. If you are offended by this, please do not go here! Otherwise as usual you will find this either erotic, stupid, bizarre, funny, or just WTF. http://www.gonzosmodelcarsandfigures.net/boxlunch.html Remember you must be an adult to view some of these pages! Ciao, Gonzo

Creator of small scale erotic figurines/ vintage model cars. Home of The Gonzo Gurls.


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