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#1 2006-09-14 01:45:12

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In-Haus and Online Art Gallery as an Alternative to the Gallery Scene

I have opened a gallery in my own house. I converted one of the rooms into a full-blown gallery with track lighting, rail and cable based hanging system and a fresh paint job. The hardest part was getting all the furniture out of there. I was so sick of the gallery scene and how hard it is to break into as an upcoming artist, that I saw this as a viable alternative. We had our first show and more than 12 artists had work in the show, because this gallery is not just about my artwork but also about providing an alternative venue for up and coming artists. I built a website as well so that people could view the art when the gallery is not open. Because it is in my home, we are open only by appointment and at our openings. If you support the cause of gallery alternatives helping upcoming artists, you can help promote this site on your websites or even by word of mouth. Anyway, check out my new gallery website here: http://www.arthaus66.com


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