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#1 2006-07-12 00:11:42

From: Fayetteville,Arkansas.USA
Registered: 2004-05-30
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FigureNUDE. The definition?

A FigureNUDE is a sensual photograph of a female form. A FigureNUDE is NOT EROTIC.  A FigureNUDE is not just a photo of an attractive female.  Those type photos are simply nudes.  All FigureNUDEs are Fine Art Nudes.  Not all Fine Art Nudes are FigureNUDES ! A FigureNUDE does not include the female form interacting in ANY way with the  viewer.It is a MUCH more specific specification of the art nude than simply calling them NUDES or Figure pieces.
They are much more difficult to accomplish.

Figurenude may be a neologism for a while but it will not always be!

I try to do FigureNUDES and other found scenics!
Please visit and leave an opinion or two.  I am going to pick out a dozen to do for a show in Sept. where no type nudes are allowed! 

My show at the UARK.edu went very well!
http://www.CurtisNeeley.com (No-nudity)

I saw my photos printed in Renascent Vol 3. The printed book looked very good.

Calling them nudes or FigureNUDES or naked people doesn't seem to matter. They are just art.

Renascent Vol 3
Many more artistic photos are on my presentation on the figurenude.com website.
Visit directly by clicking the photo.

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