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#1 2006-06-12 01:07:10

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Registered: 2005-05-09
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Artist Representatives

Pro's & Con's for having an artist representative. What do you as an artist expect from a representative? Share some experiences, both positive and negative from artists who do have a representative.


#2 2006-06-12 13:37:59

Registered: 2004-05-25
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Re: Artist Representatives

I understand the many issues concerned regarding the representation of artists in a highly commercialized society driven by high degree of capitalism.

The main question we need to ask ourselves is the aim of a representative in this global environment, with the fast changing techno scope that penetrate the tradition working style of artists. Do we need to reassess the needs and if so, what is the scope we are looking at, who should establish this new relationship. I am looking for response on this.


#3 2006-07-01 21:22:15

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From: Dorset, United Kingdom
Registered: 2006-06-26
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Re: Artist Representatives

I am lucky enough to have a Solo show here in the UK from 19-30 July.  Apart from preparing and framing the works I am going to show I have also had to design & print the catalogue, design print & distribute flyers and posters. PLUS I have had to write and distrubute my own press releases.  I would dearly love to have someone do all the footwork and leave me to just produce the Art: but we live in a real world - where do you find someone who can dedicate all of their time to just one Artist? usually they have a portfolio of several Artists, sometimes hundreds.


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