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#1 2006-03-23 01:36:49

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Registered: 2006-03-23
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Tell me what you think of my website?

Hi there i am a disable photographer who enjoys trying to get out and about with my trusty camera. I specialize in Landscape pictures.

Since finding out my health problems where getting worse and stopping me from working hence leaving me mostly house bound I started spenting about 20 hours a day on my trusty pc and enjoyed restoring and making home movies on to DVD.

I really have got in to this bit.....

I am alway adding more training to my skills portfolio and spend hours dreaming up new ideas to play with, then i realized this could be my new job.

With the help of my family and not being able to work normally i decided to set up a company (pps) Pixel Products and Services  and a website called www.pixelproductsandservices.com.

This is where i need you all.
I would like to know what you all think (be Honest) and what you would like to see added and changed.

You can contact me direct at: enquires.pixelproductsandservices@hotmail.co.uk

this email has been set up especially for this.

and as a thank you every report back to this email address will be entered into a prize draw for a A4 Laminated print of my exclusive artwork.

Thank you for reading this, hope to hear from you soon


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