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#1 2006-05-03 06:36:25

From: Minnesota
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Gonzo Asks, Do You Want Fries With That Weiner?

The title to this post depicts a set of figurines in 1/25th scale, about 2-3" tall.
These are quite small, but very big in sexual erotic context. This would be the more
absurd and humorous side of my erotic art figures. I create to depict things that even though quite graphic and off the wall, lend themselves to my sometimes bizzarre erotic art thinking, as I do these. I like to set a stage and work things into it. Obviously these are all small plastic and paper props, but lend themselves to a certain twisted sexual erotic art scene. When you consider that none of the figures in this concept are over 3" tall, you will see why this is the art part of this page. This could be a real setting, even though it is out of my mind, or maybe I am out of my mind. I must caution you, if graphic sexuality bothers you, do not look here!!!! If you like this sort of kinky stuff, then look at the expression, form, setting, shading, and the humor. Again this is graphic adult material!!!! If you like some kink in your art, you will find this a fun page. ADULTS 18+++ ONLY!!!!!!!!!
http://www.gonzosmodelcarsandfigures.ne … aders.html

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Creator of small scale erotic figurines/ vintage model cars. Home of The Gonzo Gurls.


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