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#1 2006-03-11 04:54:01

From: Minnesota
Registered: 2005-12-19
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small scale figurines EROTIC!!!

When I post here I always wonder if I should turn out the light when I leave. It seems no one is watching. Never any replies. Anyway, some of you have looked at my stuff, others not. Why do I do the type of work I do? I never seem to have a defined direction. First my figures are small 2-7". I have been praised, ridiculed, and stared at blankly. I do not leave a lot to be considered. I build it up, then throw in your face. I add sex, porn, humor, and gore. The people that bitch the most, click the big enter button the most. I like bald hairless bodies, but yet I toss in hairy specimans. I prefer tiny breasts, yet I will toss in basketballs. I use simple backdrops, sometimes a back of a calender works well. Some days I like simple amateurish painting, but I also do realistic shade. When my viewers think they have my work figured out, I will throw in a wolf with a dildo prod. My girls in hell figure set has been catatonically stared at, laughed at, and shunned. This is my idea of where porn stars go when they die. Crazy Walter, the little guy beating is chest, with the small weiner and gold chains depicts a rich funny little man that is popular with the young girls, because he has money. Some of these figurines are of real girls. The sex Blogger is a figurine of a well known blog girl on the internet. The female gorilla with the hacked up babes, I like to look at as dark art. The cheerleaders is a tribute to all the cheerleaders I knew. Goodie goodies, but the first to their knees'. Erotic, sometimes. absurd, of course, bizzarre, hell yes. Art? You decide. Will I change? Never! Am I stupid? Well you are reading this! Will you look? http://www.gonzosmodelcarsandfigures.net/figures.html sure you will. VERY GRAPHIC ADULT MATERIAL!!!Next posts I will discuss motivation, scale model cars as art and investment. Ciao, Gonzo

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Creator of small scale erotic figurines/ vintage model cars. Home of The Gonzo Gurls.


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