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#1 2004-06-17 01:45:49

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Gallery or dealer warranty wording

Does anyone have a wording for their gallery invoice which protects a dealer against " stolen art"   New York State is a Good Faith purchaser state under common law which means that a good faith purchaser will not be hel liable for acquiring stolen art but mut return it to its rightful owner.

What wording protects the dealer and provides the purchaser with some comfort that he will have good title to art he is purchasing from your gallery?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


#2 2004-09-09 10:06:05


Re: Gallery or dealer warranty wording


Sorry I have no legal wording to suggest you.

however the better warranty you may give, is to provide the client with the more information you have about the origin of the art piece you sell. (bought/given from the artist, collector, gallery, museum...).

Another good sources of information is certainly can be found from professional art dealers such as Christies or Sothebys. Ask.

best regards,


#3 2004-09-10 23:29:04


Re: Gallery or dealer warranty wording

I take issue with Flora BERNE's use of the phrase, "...professional art dealers such as Christies or Sotheby?s".  These are auction houses and not art dealers.  True, they sell art works, but are not nearly as well versed as "art dealers".  I have often been asked (as an art dealer) for an opinion by some auction houses as to the authenticity of a work of art.  These are commercial houses established strictly for the selling of secondary market works of art.  I would suggest to Flora BERNE that if she wants "expert" advise, she seek out a reputable art dealer and leave the auction houses to selling other people's rugs, furniture, and art works.

As to the wording one can use for purchasing or selling a work of art, I would suggest the addition of a phrase such as "... free of any liens or encumbrances" to the "warranty"

Thomas Paul

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