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#1 2006-08-01 10:14:49

From: Minnesota
Registered: 2005-12-19
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Gonzo Gurl Becca>"the Amatuer Pole Dancer" Graphic Erotica!!!

35 or so years ago, I used to frequent go go bars, or strip clubs. In those days there were no poles to swing around, just a simple stage and a handfull of girls that would drive from state to state working a few days in each club. Law required that they wear a G string and tassles, or pasties on top. this seemed extremely sexual for the time, but nothing now. You see 10 times more graphic stuff on tv.

I always wondered if these girls were loose women or whores or what. After talking to some, I found out that most of them were quite normal. They did it for the money. Figuring this was around 1970, they were making 700.-1000.00 dollars a week. A ransom for those days, and not bad for these days.

My latest figurine is a Gonzo depiction of a amateur pole dancer. She is done in my usual throw it in your face graphic form. She is an 8" figure, redhair, tanlines, and freckles. Very well endowed on both ends. the key to some of this off the wall erotica is the setting. Being an amateur she has tanlines yet, leaving the typical redheads milky skin exposed. Shadows, done with a photo and flashlight. That is a large part of my art. Setting a scene that seems a little more real than just showing a graphic piece of 8" plastic.

This reconfigured girl can pose in 3 different positions, I want to warn you, my stuff is very forward and graphic! If you are offended by raw sexual content, DO NOT GO HERE!!!!! You must be an adult to view  some of these pages, 18+.

If you follow my work, then bring your own beer, or in the UK a pint. I have reserved a spot for you in gawkers row. I will supply the plastic.

www.gonzosmodelcarsandfigures.net/becca.html Ciao, Gonzo

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Creator of small scale erotic figurines/ vintage model cars. Home of The Gonzo Gurls.


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