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#1 2006-06-07 02:33:24

From: Minnesota
Registered: 2005-12-19
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Gothic Erotic Figurine Gonzo's "GOTH DEVIL" Erotic 5" figure

Well I am 55 years old and I have followed the Gothic or Goth culture for awhile to see what all the hubub is about. Actually pretty normal stuff. Different way of dress, makeup and speaking. The music is not that far out of touch, and the whole culture seems pretty common to me. I have followed a lot of trends over the years and been involved in some of them. I just like to keep in touch I guess, don't want to become jaded and one sided. My ma always called me a hippie and one of those "Beatles", God I hope I never get that way. I found that there is a somewhat dark erotic side to Goth that I find quite arousing. Piercings, dark eyes, and sexual connotations. Being a erotic figurine creator I just had to do a Gonzo interpretation of a goth devil. It is done in my usual off the wall bizarre style. It is a figure by Flintstone that I modified, and reconfigured to my rendition of Gonzo Goth. A cute little 5" devil figurine. WARNING!! THIS IS ADULT MATERIAL! IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY NUDITY, AND RAW SEXUALITY, EVEN THOUGH ITS JUST PLASTIC, DON'T LOOK! Otherwise come and see my little people and enjoy. I also have general audience stuff in the form of pro built 1/25th scale model cars, so real looking you would think you could get in and drive them away. Americana automobile art form. The page for the erotic Goth Devil is http://www.gonzosmodelcarsandfigures.net/gothdevil.html stay awhile and wander around. Ciao, Gonzo

Creator of small scale erotic figurines/ vintage model cars. Home of The Gonzo Gurls.


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