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There are 5 results with reference to vagiana shows .

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1. Uwe Pfannschmidt
The German sculptor Uwe Pfannschmidt shows sculpure, ceramic, industrial design and nude photography.

2. Alison Hill
A great deal of her work shows her fascination with light and her attempts to capture various aspects of light in paint. This preoccupation with the qualities of light can be seen in a series of paint ...

3. Yoshino Kazuhiko
Transition. Time is the theme of this photo series. Using flowers and his handmade object d'art as catalyst, time shows it's appearance on the photographic paper. He wants to express time in a photogr ...

4. finding a gallery
Good question. I'm trying to pursue some type of gallery at this time and find it very intimidating, as well as alot of hard work. I'm researching them on the internet, going to local shows and then ...

5. Looking for a picture called 'here comes daddy'
I am trying to trace a picture/painting titled 'here comes daddy' for my mother who remembers it as a child but does not know the artist. Does anyone know who this was by? It shows a mother holding a ...

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