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1. Can I submit my photographs to Artring?
Hello! I am a new member of this place. I am a photographer, amateur yet.:) Can I submit my photographs to Artring for discussion? Thanks for invitng me to such an interesting place!:) Rusla.

2. selling photographs
I see alot of things on your site that needs improving. You have a very nice site, but I would like to talk to you about things you can do to get ranking. The list is to long to go into here. If you w ...

3. CGTrader’s Digital Art Contest - Awards valued at $60,000
[img]https://img2.cgtrader.com/uploads/blog/posts/627/head_2847d3b9-67a2-4a49-a29b-be908f115433.jpg[/img] CGTrader, the world's largest database of 3D models and CG community has just launched the Di ...

4. The Naked Truth on Shooting Nudes
The naked truth Photographic artist Nguyen Thai Phien has won 46 prizes in Vietnam and abroad and his work has been selected for exhibition in more than 60 countries around the world. He talks to Bi ...

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