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1. Shelley Malcolm
Her early years were spent in Hamilton, Ontario where her interest in art, and particularly painting, first emerged. She now resides in Woodstock, Ontario where she creates original framed abstract wa ...

2. Thirty-five million for a copyright and trademark violation....?
Well NAMEMEDIA INC who owns photo.net finally deleted my original nude art after I sued them and notified the second DMCA agent. They were gone as first noticed by me during this post above. I have ...

3. Exciting story and many photos of nude Vietnamese girls
I am Thai Phien (Vietnamese), I visit this forum and read this paragraph accidentally. It?s true that taking nude photos in Vietnam is really difficult and in order to take those photos, the photograp ...

4. Visual Artists Rights Act removes copyrites online?
[img]http://www.curtisneeley.com/Google/imghp_files/logo.gif[/img] Copyrites do not apply online as was the ruling of Honorable Jimm Larry Hendren in: Neeley v NameMedia inc, et al, ([url=http://www. ...

5. The Naked Truth on Shooting Nudes
The naked truth Photographic artist Nguyen Thai Phien has won 46 prizes in Vietnam and abroad and his work has been selected for exhibition in more than 60 countries around the world. He talks to Bi ...

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