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architecture fashion 
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There are 4 results with reference to handmade object dart .

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1. Yoshino Kazuhiko
Transition. Time is the theme of this photo series. Using flowers and his handmade object d'art as catalyst, time shows it's appearance on the photographic paper. He wants to express time in a photogr ...

2. Juan Luis Quintana
Anthropomorphic landscapes: These series of paintings represents the beauty of objects that humans can use for spiritual purposes. This topic is related to the human environment. The inner world is co ...

3. abstract art in modern times
nonsense. Where does this abstraction originate? What tools do you engage mentally and physically to create an abstract artwork? Surely you should rely on the 'real' world to inspire your ideas. Or e ...

4. Iulian-Dalin Toma
Memory is one particular object of Cultural Studies nowadays. Lots of bibliographical lists are dedicated to the subject, as we experience what a researcher called the western civilizationís mal du si ...

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