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1. How can I upload images in the art forum for discussion?
Hello, at ARTRING.de there is a button (when I create a new topic) for uploading up to five images for presenting them in the forum - how can I upload images for forum discussion at ARTRING.com? Man ...

2. German Forum
I tried to post in the German forum (I speak German too) and I saw that I was not registered. Does this mean that we have to be registered separately in both the German and English forums? One registr ...

3. Welcome to our new art forum
Hope you like it as much as we do. ;-) Daniel Administrator

4. Bonjour alle
Bonjour miteinander. Wollte mich vorstellen, nettes Forum habe gefunden indem ich nach "General Discussion" gesucht habe.. Und finds ganz interessant hier.. Salut, Jara

5. What's happening...?
There are few discussions happening in this forum. I check every few days to see if there's any banter and nothing really changes! I anticipated it brimming with debate. Is the lack of arguement indic ...

6. art or bullshit?
Dear art lovers best regards from Germany. this forum is nothing going on. Maybe we can change that. What do you think about Anti-Art? Are Warhol, Beuys and Pollock for you artists? appendix: own fa ...

7. Exciting story and many photos of nude Vietnamese girls
I am Thai Phien (Vietnamese), I visit this forum and read this paragraph accidentally. It?s true that taking nude photos in Vietnam is really difficult and in order to take those photos, the photograp ...

8. abstract art in modern times
"I believe abstract art is much needed today because of the horrible world we are living in. They say artists should document the historic moment, but what is there to document. By abstract art we are ...

9. No 3D
Hmmm. When I think about it I've not seen many video artists online at all - their works are of course copyrighted and often hideously overpriced! But you can find pix of sculptures / installations on ...

10. Online Art Galleries a way to get attention to your art
Well the work I have put into my site is paying off finally. I started the site in May 2005, getting about 50 hits per week. Today I am closing in on a half million hits. This was done spending absolu ...

11. B&W Landscape Photography
Well I may as well be one of the first. It's always good to have a forum like this dedicated to art and in particular photography. I hope it takes off, I'll be keping an eye on things! I am a photogr ...

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