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Paul Banner
Paul Banner  |  November 14, 2006

He is an Italian photographer. His style is simple, focus mainly on balance and symmetry of the surroundings in conjunction with people. He like the shape of the female body as much as the sensual and delicate details. In current photographic work he ... more

Christophe VERMARE
Christophe VERMARE  |  November 13, 2006

Running after his emotional visions, he use the photography media to express his feeling. Nudity plays a major rule on his life, the photography he produce are not about intimacy or erotic stimulation, he just try to catch or reproduce some vision of ... more


Aureo Antunes
Aureo Antunes  |  November 8, 2006

All his paintings are contemporary fine art, sometimes they are abstract geometric art with good color harmonies, or gestural abstract art, he expresses his feelings and visions thoughts by the colors and shapes to materialize the formal aspect of ... more

Michael Ward
Michael Ward  |  November 7, 2006

He began his artistic career doing pen and ink renderings of historical architecture. From 1984 to 1990 he operated a mail order business selling these drawings on calendars, prints, and related items. He began painting in 1980, first in gouache, ... more


cosmin cordos
cosmin cordos  |  October 31, 2006

Simple thoughts, ideas, simple art for people around, some simple paintings for everyone that loves art and keeps art in their mind as something very important for being and living. He is not an artist but he loves art and he is learning with ... more

Joel Martinez Miro
Joel Martinez Miro  |  October 30, 2006

Catalan artist Joel Martinez i Miró. For more information please look at his website. ... more


Boro Ivetic
Boro Ivetic  |  October 23, 2006

Modern, Oil and Acrylic paint on canvas, Act Nude, Landscape Paint, Nature, Religious Icons.....Art of Boro Ivetic with elements of old cultures (still nature) put in modern ambient, affirmate beauty of colors and values of painting profession. ... more

Maurizio Piovan
Maurizio Piovan  |  October 16, 2006

Piovan has spent in contact with pictures and colours, he has seen passing through his eyes innumerable memories, thoughts and remembrances that he has considerated in geometries of colours, rhythmical compositions where the stroke of the brush ... more


VERAMARIA   |  October 2, 2006

Veramaria is an art materials expert who assists artists, companies, and industry manufacturers in understanding different aspects of art materials and techniques. She also travels extensively, conducting lectures and painting demonstrations at major ... more

David Hyde
David Hyde  |  September 28, 2006

This photographer no longer produces this type of photography, but seems unable to remove any of the pictures in his gallery ... more


Rhea Malinofsky
Rhea Malinofsky  |  September 27, 2006

For her, photography has never been about what it is or where it is. She leaves that to photojournalists. She saw black-and-white photography as having more to do with form, composition, line, light and shadow. That is what distinguishes it from ... more

Terry Adams
Terry Adams  |  September 26, 2006

Terry's work is generating interest from collectors both in Europe and and the USA. He is best known for his sensitive, mystical and romantic beach scenes, which stimulate nostalgic memories in the observer, which appeal to both men & women. However ... more

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