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Titus Hoskins
Titus Hoskins  |  January 1, 2000

Impressionistic watercolours, expressionistic acrylics, and drawings by the Titus Hoskins from St. Alban, Newfoundland. ... more

Fabiana Kofman
Fabiana Kofman  |  January 1, 2000

Fabiana Kofman's world of realistic and magical paintings about Greece, dolphins, maidens, interiors, romantic scenes, and mystic. Also, digital art and portraits. Acrylics, watercolors, pencils. ... more


Dawn Camp
Dawn Camp  |  January 1, 2000

Self taught artist Dawn Camp, specializing in acrylics. He mostly paints Florida scenes of the wood, swamps and water. ... more

Elisabeth G.
Elisabeth G.  |  January 1, 2000

The young Austrian woman Elisabeth G.'s paintings, sculptures, and prose about the subject "tired of life". Not only for feminism. ... more


Rosemary Cosentino
Rosemary Cosentino  |  January 1, 2000

Rosemary Cosentino: A contemporary figurative painter who works with self-taught and heavily researched Old Master techniques. ... more

Hein Lass
Hein Lass  |  January 1, 2000

Contemporary art photography by Hein Lass, Africa's busiest photographer. ... more


Neil Depew
Neil Depew  |  January 1, 2000

Maritime artist, Neil Depew's unique water colour style captures the rustic charm and tradition of Nova Scotia. ... more

Ahmed Hussein
Ahmed Hussein  |  January 1, 2000

Drawings and paintings of flowers and landscapes by the Egyptian artist Ahmed Hussein. ... more


Tom Bostelle
Tom Bostelle  |  January 1, 2000

Pennsylvania artist Tom Bostelle, in his 70s, goes his own way, crafting a world of shadow paintings and sculptures without any concessions to the art world. ... more

Scott Hutchison
Scott Hutchison  |  January 1, 2000

Narrative Dark surrealism. New Contemporary figurative paintings and drawings. Cyber art. Odd vision of reality, man and machine, and hopelessly realistic manipulations. Drawing and painting pictures gallery by Scott Hutchison. ... more


Stella Mann
Stella Mann  |  January 1, 2000

Stella Mann paints mainly European landscapes, in acrylic or gouache. As a former dancer, choreographer and teacher, she is principally interested in color, composition and form. ... more

Uwe Pfannschmidt
Uwe Pfannschmidt  |  January 1, 2000

The German sculptor Uwe Pfannschmidt shows sculpure, ceramic, industrial design and nude photography. ... more

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