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Ojars Lasmanis
Ojars Lasmanis  |  November 20, 2001

Impressionism and realism: Original oil paintings on canvas by Ojars Lasmanis including, cityscapes, landscapes, still-life, people, floral, and renditions of the great masters. ... more

Guntmar Fritz
Guntmar Fritz  |  November 19, 2001

Fine art black and white photography. Themes: architecture, beauty, body, portrait, blues- musicians, and industry. ... more


Maik Setaus
Maik Setaus  |  February 17, 2000

Exceptional Photography with heart -=- soul touching a variety of genres. ... more

Rainer Ehlert
Rainer Ehlert  |  January 5, 2000

Mexico in photography, architecture, nature, landscapes, and more by Rainer Ehlert. ... more


Miguel Jimenez Zenón
Miguel Jimenez Zenón  |  January 5, 2000

Abstract, expresionistic, and poetic paintings of the spanish artist Miguel Jimenez Zenón. ... more

Bonnie Evans
Bonnie Evans  |  January 4, 2000

Bonnie Evans wildlife and animal art captures the life and intensity of primarily endangered species. Vibrant realism and extensive detail bring these beautiful works to life. After attending the Rhode Island School of Design, Bonnie Evans has spent ... more


Kobi Israel
Kobi Israel  |  January 4, 2000

Kobi Israel, a photographer based in Israel, specializing in travel and art photography. He has photos and slides from around the world. - Still his main love is artistic photography, experimenting with images, color, composition, texture etc. and ... more

Aurelio Pernice
Aurelio Pernice  |  January 3, 2000

The naive painter Aurelio Pernice on Sicilian colours and folklore. ... more


Tohil Treviño
Tohil Treviño  |  January 3, 2000

Shadows and females as dreams. Forms, shadows, light, dreams, and fine art nudes on black & white and color by the Mexican photographer Tohil Treviño. ... more

Frédéric Martos
Frédéric Martos  |  January 2, 2000

His world exists of contradictions, questions, confusion, sometimes even lack of courage. Martos feels his own fears and emotions and tries to deal with them through a reative process. People are reduced to a number, a piece of chess placed in an ... more


Patrick Sorrente
Patrick Sorrente  |  January 2, 2000

Portraits, nudes, still lives, architecture, and more by Patrick Sorrente. ... more

Andreas Poeschek
Andreas Poeschek  |  January 1, 2000

Photo gallery of Andreas Poeschek with various categories like still-life, architecture, Vienna, Austria, portraits, people, nature and landscapes in black & white and colour. ... more

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