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  Most Recent Artists For  March 27, 2002  To  November 21, 2001  Sort      standard  |  alphabetical  |  most recent  
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Rudy Bagozzi
Rudy Bagozzi  |  March 27, 2002

Painting and art is his passion. He uses colored grout and oil to create portraits of people with a touch of tragedy. Moreover, Bagozzi makes relics which are telling a short story. Take a look and you will understand. ... more

Shane Garton
Shane Garton  |  March 25, 2002

The Australian abstract - expressionist Shane Garton works on paper and canvas with acrylic and oils. A contemporary international style is emphasising the meditative, spiritual, poetic and human condition. Jazz and poetry is a source of inspiration ... more


Derek McCrea
Derek McCrea  |  March 8, 2002

Impressionistic paintings of lighthouses, flowers, old country barns and landscapes in watercolour, oil and acrylic as well as pen and ink drawings of historical architecture in the United States and Europe. ... more

Marilyn Kirsch
Marilyn Kirsch  |  March 6, 2002

Oil paintings, watercolors, drawings and collages with abstract and non-objective imagery influenced by architecture, photography and landscape. The work involves a balance between non-referential, pure abstraction and the desire for a reference point. ... more


Olaf Hopp
Olaf Hopp  |  March 4, 2002

Portraits in classical focus towards the genre, sculptured bodyscapes and nudes in renunciation towards superficial erotic, and modern dance theatre and captured moments from all around the world: Analog photography in colour and black&white by Olaf Hopp. ... more

Spleee  |  February 5, 2002

A surreal artist twisting the parallels of life experiences to a different plane. Brightly colored work. Oil paint on canvas that only NASA scientistcan see in their interpretation of color from the universe. ... more


Timothy Herron
Timothy Herron  |  January 28, 2002

Timothy Herron focuses on landscape and portrait drawings and paintings taken from live sittings with creative additions. Old Masters style mixed with an impressionistic use of color and technique. ... more

Ian Pearson
Ian Pearson  |  January 21, 2002

Work in a figurative style inspired by surrealism and pop art. Explores symbolic meanings of characters and events from the past and their influence on the present especially in regard to Canadian history. ... more


Jeremy Turner
Jeremy Turner  |  January 14, 2002

Wilderness, landscape and fine art images from Australia, New Zealand and Europe, in colour and black and white. Images of sand dunes, rivers, mountains lakes, abstract long exposures and more from parts of Australia and New Zealand. ... more

Paul Politis
Paul Politis  |  January 5, 2002

Black and white photography focused on isolating what is appealing from the chaos that surrounds us. A new series of time exposure night photography that explores this same idea and attempts to look at common objects in the photographically uncommon ... more


Gian Paolo Dulbecco
Gian Paolo Dulbecco  |  December 7, 2001

In a continuous search of finding and the development of metaphysical atmospheres is the Italian Gian Paolo Dulbecco, an artist which is into engraving techniques and oil paintings. ... more

Marco Pessa
Marco Pessa  |  November 21, 2001

Marco Pessa is a hand-action painter, seeking for anima and animality, today. BECAUSE THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE before anything, in my painting! AND MORE, my action tell me I am, and answer me to the question: Is my painting an useless illusion or just ... more

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