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Bart Waumans
Bart Waumans  |  August 23, 2002

The approach towards photography is highly subjective. With several media he captures the world in which he lives, not focussing on technique but on contents, on the feeling which originates in the situation or place he is in. Recently digitalisation ... more

Thibaut Dancette
Thibaut Dancette  |  August 22, 2002

To his painting is a mean of dreaming. He uses colored lines, curves, and trajectories to create abstract or figurative compositions. His research relates to the color and the light. The subject does not really matter, as long as it makes an impact. ... more


Yoshino Kazuhiko
Yoshino Kazuhiko  |  August 16, 2002

Transition. Time is the theme of this photo series. Using flowers and his handmade object d'art as catalyst, time shows it's appearance on the photographic paper. He wants to express time in a photographic way and wants the viewers joining to feel ... more

Johanan Herson
Johanan Herson  |  August 15, 2002

Born in Canada and currently residing in Israel with distinct and unique style of painting. Johanan has managed to develop an original voice that combines the dual influence of his Israeli and North American experience and merges them into a unified ... more


Jean Charles Taillandier
Jean Charles Taillandier  |  August 13, 2002

Jean Charles Taillandier's world is an invitation to a journey in the memory of images. By means of painting, drawing and engraving, he would like to revisit some themes like portraits. or bestiaries... He also use poetic and literature influences to ... more

Oren Obstblum
Oren Obstblum  |  August 12, 2002

Captured by a digital camera, detailed and processed by the computer: Images of the human form. The artwork represents feelings, relations, thoughts and human connections. The production represents a connection between art, technology and human ... more


Don Gray
Don Gray  |  April 12, 2002

The artist doesn't require that his paintings make 'sense' anymore than he would require a tree or a sunset to make 'sense'. He's grown very comfortable with ambiguity. Grays paintings are like little rhetorical questions, thrown out into this ... more

Fariel Shafee
Fariel Shafee  |  April 10, 2002

Although she's trained as a physicist, painting has been a passion all throughout her life. In her work she uses vivid colours, depicting the rhythms of several lively cultures she has been fortunate to live in. The interaction of reality with inner ... more


John Sumner
John Sumner  |  April 8, 2002

Through texture, gesture and color, Sumner attempts to paint the animal in the animal, and in some cases, the human in the animal. By giving his critters an almost human personality, he finds that people can relate to his work on an emotional level. ... more

Pierluigi Ferrari
Pierluigi Ferrari  |  April 3, 2002

In bright colours Ferrari is showing the people as the center of his abstract-surrealistic art. ... more


Caprice Hogg
Caprice Hogg  |  April 1, 2002

Caprice's bold strokes and vivid colors touch and denote the passion and desire to capture a scene. She speaks about painting and describes a strong spiritual force that underlies her passion. She is humbled by her ability to express on canvas the ... more

Sandra Smith-Dugan
Sandra Smith-Dugan  |  March 29, 2002

Her paintings are a response to the visual world of colors, forms, lines, values and textures. Smith-Dugan is expressing her feelings about what she sees in an expressionistic manner that is directly connected to her psyche. When working alla prima, ... more

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