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Nitun Verma
Nitun Verma  |  March 17, 2003

He loves and hates city life for all its speed, crowds, yet isolation. Its soundtrack is fast music, its sound fast trains. These together synergize into his photography. His experience as a radio DJ helps draw the music -- its equipment, CDs, tapes, ... more

Ronald Wilber
Ronald Wilber  |  January 15, 2003

Ancient to modern art. Oil paintings of surrealism, pure abstract, pointilism, and contemporary through the use of symbolism, imagery, and metaphysical. The paintings got a wide range of subjects from different historical periods in art. Each has his ... more


Phil Artez
Phil Artez  |  January 13, 2003

Phil Artez began photography in 1982. Now he features several galleries in black and white where photographs of ballet, statues, mannequins, fine art nudes, Venice carnival, journeys, portraits and experimental work is presented. ... more

Sylvain Copon
Sylvain Copon  |  January 3, 2003

From the storkes of his knife, he spreads with passion the rich powerful textures of colors onto the canvas. His favorite flower -called Coquelicot 'poppies'- createds fusions between classical compositions and movements of contemporary color ... more


Linda Plaisted
Linda Plaisted  |  January 1, 2003

She is a classically trained painter, photographer, and fine artist, who had add digital technology to her palette. The artwork is inspired by the heritage of her creative ancestors but also animated by future technologies. While her art continues to ... more

Stig Marlon Weston
Stig Marlon Weston  |  December 30, 2002

Conceptual photographic work by an imaginative artist willing to explore new ways of using the still image. Both, colour and B/W images, on the themes perception of reality, memory, time, and motion. Photographs made to intrigue and involve the ... more


John Running
John Running  |  September 6, 2002

You will see a diverse portfolio of incredible photography in John Running's portfolio. His extensive experience as a professional photographer has lead him to create a diverse, yet cohesive portfolios. Within the portfolio, you will find images of ... more

Jim Murphy
Jim Murphy  |  September 4, 2002

He's a painter living in the south-western corner of New Hampshire, USA. Most of his paintings are of local scenes, some are from other locations in New England, such as Vermont and the coast of Maine. He loves the colors of the ever changing seasons ... more


Martin Soubiate
Martin Soubiate  |  September 2, 2002

His paintings are about the things that call his attention, the colors of his city, of his continent, and experimenting with new materials, such as sand, fabric, etc. He can't say he got this or that style, because he's always trying new things, he ... more

Cristina Nualart
Cristina Nualart  |  August 30, 2002

Her style is very original since she is an experimental artist that uses a variety of media and techniques in the search for new textures and images. The content is usually lyrical and imaginative, often with a symbolic undertone, yet the format ... more


John Divola
John Divola  |  August 28, 2002

John Divola works primarily with photography and digital imaging. While he has approached a broad range of subjects he is currently moving through the landscape looking for evidence of existential desire. ... more

Kai Kanthak
Kai Kanthak  |  August 26, 2002

For many years he worked as a jazz musician, then he put his bass guitar aside, and devoted himself intensively to photography and 3D Computer graphics which often focus on small, everyday details. He usually photographs 'available light' and only ... more

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