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  Most Recent Artists For  July 26, 2006  To  March 18, 2003  Sort   Ľ   standard  |  alphabetical  |  most recent  
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Alexei Biryukoff
Alexei Biryukoff  |  July 26, 2006

Alexei Biryukoff is a russain artist who creates conceptual projects that include paintings, sound, performance and installations. Here you will find large scale male nudes. The last project was dedicated to the terror attack in Beslana large Digital ... more

Marco De Matteo
Marco De Matteo  |  July 25, 2006

Digital pohotomonipulation. The images become the place of the experimentation and of the mutation, the fusion of the codes express produces one real and virtual sensory contamination to make something new. ... more


Curtis Neeley
Curtis Neeley  |  July 24, 2006

Curtis is a unique paralyzed visual artist. There are very few who presented the female form the way that he did regularly! He 'coined' the term FigureNUDE to clarify what he once tried to do. A FigureNUDE is not erotic. It is sensual and ... more

Izabella Pavlushko
Izabella Pavlushko  |  July 18, 2006

In her work she connect geometry with spirituality and create forms that would provide the same emotional power as a musical composition. All our life as well as her art is geometrical abstraction. It is a matrix of transition to nowhere and back. ... more


Francesca Dotta
Francesca Dotta  |  July 10, 2006

Francesca Dotta was born in 1978 in Pordenone, Italy. Interested in the Art, especially in photography, multimedia and Internet. Since 2004 she have participated to different Exhibitions in which she has obtained the recognition of big personalities ... more

MichaŽl BELLON  |  July 4, 2006

MichaŽl BELLON is a self-educated painter who paints sights of the spirit, subjective subjects related to humanity with its the best, makes appear symbolic systems abstractions of spiritual prospects marked in a pictorial way, definite rectilinear ... more


Kevin Flint
Kevin Flint  |  July 3, 2006

Kevin Flint is a Los Angeles based artist, designer, and photographer who specializes in the dark, the absurd, the fetishistic, the sharp and pointy, and is especially adept at talking describing himself in the 3rd person. ... more

Tristan Reid
Tristan Reid  |  November 28, 2005

Fine art Portrait and Figure paintings, in oils and soft pastels. He approach painting from a traditional point of view, in terms of subject, materials and technique. ... more


Alexander Pogrebinsky
Alexander Pogrebinsky  |  March 21, 2003

Work that shines with life and humanity, Pogrebinsky has designed a style that uses light in as a major aspect in represtenting the philosophy of the painting. Pogrebinsky's subject, especially his floral studies, seems to appear out of the light, as ... more

Jack Morefield
Jack Morefield  |  March 20, 2003

His is a unique style of portrature that combines some of the old and new. He has drawn from the likes of Vincent and Chuck Close to offer a unique, contemporary vision. His work is in many collections, primarily in the United States, and was ... more


Juan Luis Quintana
Juan Luis Quintana  |  March 19, 2003

Anthropomorphic landscapes: These series of paintings represents the beauty of objects that humans can use for spiritual purposes. This topic is related to the human environment. The inner world is connected with the outside and the beauty of nature ... more

Vincent Callagher
Vincent Callagher  |  March 18, 2003

Vince Callagher's stipple pen & ink and watercolor paintings capture the often overlooked, wonderfully minute details of natural scenes while still enveloping the dramatic scope of Hawaiian and Californian wetlands and mountains. Often appearing in ... more

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