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painting photography 
sculpture graffiti 
digital art drawing 
architecture fashion 
calligraphy ceramics 
collage pen and ink 
engraving etching 
lithography wood craft 

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About her art: Relaxed Formation: She represents humans or abstracted figures by a play of parallel and differently broad lines. Eva M. Paar primary uses earth-colors, in order to give a warm and pleasant character to the oil paintings, which stands intrast to the often coolly selected motives. Represented humans and scenes do not only dissolve by differently broad lines, but close together lying color gradations support the realistic effect from the distance. They let more exact outlines as well as shade develop.

Website:   http://www.art-of-eva.com/
Eva M. PaarEva M. PaarEva M. PaarEva M. Paar
Eva M. PaarEva M. PaarEva M. PaarEva M. Paar
Eva M. Paar
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