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painting photography 
sculpture graffiti 
digital art drawing 
architecture fashion 
calligraphy ceramics 
collage pen and ink 
engraving etching 
lithography wood craft 

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About her art: Her spiritual and energetic approach into abstract and expressionistic art began in the early 90īs as an autodidact followed by art studies and figurative works later on. She prefers to work in acrylic and/or mixed media on canvas and drawings by putting colours down with Intuition, spontaneity or precision. 'It depends on so many factors surrounding me', she says. Filiz: 'Itīs not always easy to put in words what inspires me in general. There are so many small and significant things from deep within, which make the journey complete. Each of my works captures expressions of human reality. Creative artwork is enriching. The energies which are set free thereby are of immesurable Importance to me and the motivation to keep up my work. Itīs a tool, able to lent each conviction a voice'!
Filiz FiloFiliz FiloFiliz FiloFiliz Filo
Filiz FiloFiliz FiloFiliz FiloFiliz Filo
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