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About his art: Sign, light and colour are the elements that Vincenzo Balsamo uses to play his expressive game. It is an operation that the artist performs under the sign of grace and lightness, letting the images come out as if from a dream, “the place where the lines of geometry and imagination live together”. The sign outlines the forms, the colour connotes the emotional field, the light dematerialises the vision which only apparently appears unobjective. In his paintings it seems as if the line seeks to capture essential moments in history of art through the forms given to signs that recall Kandinsky, Mirò, Klee, or even the Russian forerunners of the early twentieth century. But this does not mean imitation. It is simly a sort of 'mnemo-bait' meant to capture the observer's noetic - that is intellective - eye, inducing him to pose questions; in other words to start mobilizing his thoughts and curiosity, to activate his mind. This happens because, above all, Balsamo's pictorial act is an act of the essential moments of history of art.Vincenzo Balsamo is today one of the most important Italian artists of the abstraction.

Website:   http://www.vincenzobalsamo.com/
Vincenzo BalsamoVincenzo BalsamoVincenzo BalsamoVincenzo Balsamo
Vincenzo BalsamoVincenzo BalsamoVincenzo BalsamoVincenzo Balsamo
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