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About his art: He is a totally untrained artist, other then the fact that he has been making pictures since he was given crayons. When he decided on a whim to start painting, he thought “what kind of painter do I want to be”? He has to make rules for himself otherwise he tends to spread himself to thin, rules keep him focused in one area, for a while anyway. He then decided that oil painting on canvas was for him. It’s an historic art form yet modern and seems a little romantic too. So all in one afternoon he went and bought some paints and a canvas and got started. After painting several pictures he decided that he could use some formal training. He was frustrated because the image he would see in his head, he would then have trouble telling his hand how to reproduce it on the canvas. Some good teaching could show him how to tell his hand what to do to get that perfect image. As he looked at his paintings though, he liked them. Friends told him they liked them too. That simple untrained state makes them different almost “child like” for lack of a better term. He then decided that was going to be his style and he shouldn’t mess with it. Now with a little more exposure he has found that some people love them and others hate them, 'it’s their decision'. It’s all for his fun and entertainment. If you and others like them too then that makes it even more fun and enjoyable for him.

Website:   http://andrewlosli.com/
Andrew LosliAndrew LosliAndrew LosliAndrew Losli
Andrew LosliAndrew LosliAndrew LosliAndrew Losli
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