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About his art: The mixed media paintings of Michael Sandstrom question the way perceived reality - on the part of the individual - is affected by the social construct in which he or she lives. Social, political, and philosophical questions surface as the viewer explores the literal and figurative layers of meaning embedded in the labor intensive mixed-media paintings, sculptures, and installations that make up this artist's offerings. Many of the formal elements (color, gestural marks and 'scars', ethereal passages that look like smoke or fog, etc...) point to an overworked earth that is very well on the brink of collapse; yet, in every piece their is a quiet but very present instance of hope that contradicts the overall-feeling that would make his work seem apocalyptic were it not for this subtle glimpse into the future.

Website:   http://www.michaelsandstrom.com/
Michael SandstromMichael SandstromMichael SandstromMichael Sandstrom
Michael SandstromMichael SandstromMichael SandstromMichael Sandstrom
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