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painting photography 
sculpture graffiti 
digital art drawing 
architecture fashion 
calligraphy ceramics 
collage pen and ink 
engraving etching 
lithography wood craft 

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About his art: He is an Italian photographer. His style is simple, focus mainly on balance and symmetry of the surroundings in conjunction with people. He like the shape of the female body as much as the sensual and delicate details. In current photographic work he try to bring up the emotion and erotic sensuality with different lighting conditions to complement the curvature of the model's body adding a perfume of unreality and magic.

Website:   http://www.paulbanner.com/
Paul BannerPaul BannerPaul BannerPaul Banner
Paul BannerPaul BannerPaul BannerPaul Banner
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