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About his art: He began his artistic career doing pen and ink renderings of historical architecture. From 1984 to 1990 he operated a mail order business selling these drawings on calendars, prints, and related items. He began painting in 1980, first in gouache, then in acrylics. Artists whose work he admires and draw inspiration from include Edward Hopper, Charles Sheeler, Richard Estes and Vermeer. He is most interested in depicting what Alan Watts called the mystery of the ordinary; the workaday world we live in without seeing until we are forced to focus upon it, as in a painting. Nearly all his paintings are based on photographs he has taken, primarily of Southern California scenes, over the years. Though it was never his intention to depict nostalgic scenes, many of the images he has painted have disappeared or been radically altered in the ever-changing landscape that is Southern California. Thus nostalgia is thrust upon the works. But the distinctive light remains, which is what he attempts to capture in his painting. That, and the built environment that we humans inhabit, where nature manifests itself only in clipped shrubs, weed-like palms, thirsty lawns and the omnipresent cerulean sky. As a painter, he is self-taught. In his day job, he works as an Art Director and Graphic Designer.

Website:   http://www.tmichaelward.com/
Michael WardMichael WardMichael WardMichael Ward
Michael WardMichael WardMichael WardMichael Ward
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