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About her art: Veramaria is an art materials expert who assists artists, companies, and industry manufacturers in understanding different aspects of art materials and techniques. She also travels extensively, conducting lectures and painting demonstrations at major art institutions throughout Europe. Veramarias work covers a broad range of subject matter, including interiors, still lifes, figures, and landscapes. She is known for her ability to capture the essence of her subjects with a bold and candid approach. “My paintings express a sense of light, atmosphere, and mood,” says Veramaria. “I aim for them to transcend the techniques that were employed to create them and to appear to breathe the very light and atmosphere in which they were painted. I try to capture the fleeting moments of life: the sublime manifestations of light and color and their aesthetic influences on the subject.”Veramaria begins her paintings by making brief dash marks upon the canvas to indicate her intended composition. After a deliberate pause and careful assessment of color mixtures, she then applies paint. She approaches the canvas quickly and confidently, with large, fully loaded brushes to mass in the three or four areas of color that are most critical for creating the overall atmosphere and sense of the subject. As soon as the image emerges, she refines edges and details until the painting is complete. Which, when she works alla prima, can take within one to three hours. Certain studio paintings, however, the artist will work on for as long as a few months, depending on the size of the canvas and the complexity of the composition. Veramaria began her formal training at Palazzo Spinelli The Institute for Art and Restauration, Florence, Italy, where she got the degree ofArchitect and later went on to receive her Mastertitle in Wood Techniques at the Meisterschule in Stade, Germany. She has exhibited in galleries across Europe, and her award-winning paintings are held in various private collections.

Website:   http://www.veramaria.com/
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