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painting photography 
sculpture graffiti 
digital art drawing 
architecture fashion 
calligraphy ceramics 
collage pen and ink 
engraving etching 
lithography wood craft 

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About her art: People often describe how they feel in words and lyrics; they use their voice, scream or, sing. The artist is silent, not vocal but at the same time her paintings speak to us, they scream, they want to be heard. She does not need words to tell us how she feels and what she is being moved by; she transforms her thoughts and emotions into pictures, which break thru the surface and illustrate how it really looks on the inside. The observer will feel the helplessness and imprisonment which mirrors from the canvas, but behind it all stands strength and there is a way out! It all encourages us to never give up and even if we are tied down or sucked we can get up if we believe in ourselves, walk away or stand up against the threat. At first her pictures seem to show the defenselessness, but they always carry a strong and positive message. The artist is a fighter and a survivor. The most important thing to her is to move people, make them get up and come forth to the light out of the(ir) dark.
Pia RuehlePia RuehlePia RuehlePia Ruehle
Pia RuehlePia RuehlePia RuehlePia Ruehle
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