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About his art: His art is a reflection of the technological movement. NanoArt is a more appealing and effective way to communicate with the general public and to inform people about the new technologies of the 21st Century. He brings the small world in front of his audience through high resolution electron microscope scans of natural micro or nano-structures and nano-sculptures he creates by physical or/and chemical processing. He paints digitally the monochromatic electron images and print them with archival inks on canvas or fine art paper. This way, the scientific images become artworks and could be showcased for a large audience to educate the public with creative images that are appealing and acceptable.

Website:   http://www.absolutearts.com/nanoart
Cris OrfescuCris OrfescuCris OrfescuCris Orfescu
Cris OrfescuCris OrfescuCris OrfescuCris Orfescu
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