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About his art: Denis Peterson is a first generation NYC New Realist painter who is currently a leading figure in the burgeoning Hyperrealism movement. “By making something beautiful and hyperreal in appearance, I think he attempts to remind us that people suffering terribly are living, breathing, thinking, and feeling individuals in need of our attention and help (Chris Ashley, Look See)." “To witness genocide is to feel not only the chill of your own mortality, but the degradation of all humanity. Even the most brilliant photography cannot capture the landscape of genocide...This room is empty, though it is full of people. It has been emptied thus, not by the misfortune of disease or disaster, but by the hatred of other people (Fergal Keane, BBC)." “Maybe we need people who can remind us what being human is all about, its best and its worst. Denis Peterson may not want to be one of those people. But then he may not have a choice (Chris Rywalt, NYC Art)." “What makes it all the more unnerving is that this horrific subject matter is treated with a sophisticated, hyperrealist airbrush technique…and so exquisitely crafted that I initially took them for photographs (Robert Ayers, Art Info)."

Website:   http://www.denispeterson.com/
Denis PetersonDenis PetersonDenis PetersonDenis Peterson
Denis PetersonDenis PetersonDenis PetersonDenis Peterson
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