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About his art: The theme of my pictures is polarity and the underlying priciples of life. Polar opposites are displayed such as motion and stillness, harmony and chaos, space and time, light and darkness.

The themes are shown in an abstract way, so that the viewer can form his own feelings. The titles are both conceptual and
representational, and reflect the thoughts and mental associations I have while creating the picture.

I do not just paint the image in my head, but rather the dynamic existent while I paint influences the final product . What exactly happens during this process is hard to conceive.

When the creative muse has subsided and the brushes are put away, I see the finished product in front of me. The image of my creative expression that just occured depicts a journey into my inner world.

Only a few figurative and representational pictures that I paint now and then show you that my roots are in the realm of more concrete painting.

Website:   http://www.hkphul.de
Hans-Karl PhulHans-Karl PhulHans-Karl PhulHans-Karl Phul
Hans-Karl PhulHans-Karl PhulHans-Karl PhulHans-Karl Phul
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