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sculpture graffiti 
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architecture fashion 
calligraphy ceramics 
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About his art: Memory is one particular object of Cultural Studies nowadays. Lots of bibliographical lists are dedicated to the subject, as we experience what a researcher called the western civilization’s mal du siècle, at the beginning of a new millennium. Traumatic or not, memory is a common subject these days and a very prolific one in contemporary art. Iulian-Dalin Toma is an artist from this field of inquiry in visual arts. His main project is concerned with three major forms of memory that inspires his work: individual, collective and patrimonial. The self is a personal container of memory, as this kind of memory – a narrative one - is what makes us what we are. Our identity is built on it. The collective memory is a container, too, a storing place where we learned to improve our capacity to accumulate, settle and deposit. The patrimonial memory is the cultural background of all these. In an abstract language, coming indirectly from the post Avant-garde tradition, Iulian-Dalin Toma makes a visual statement about human memory.
Iulian-Dalin TomaIulian-Dalin TomaIulian-Dalin TomaIulian-Dalin Toma
Iulian-Dalin TomaIulian-Dalin TomaIulian-Dalin TomaIulian-Dalin Toma
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