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About his art: Ranging from surrealist to abstract, Nils Brazzola has defined a unique and personal style of contemporary and vibrant oil paintings. Nils Brazzola’s work fuses materials and styles with deep emotion and intense passion. "My artwork can be dark, psychedelic, dream-like or breathtaking, but it is always meaningful" says Brazzola. "I like to think that it is an open door to my mind". The new Black and Red collection of oil paintings is the perfect example of this meaningful art form which never leaves you indifferent. The striking combination of rich reds and shady blacks projects you into a world of contrasts while harsh, sometimes brutal lines tangle with soft and brilliant hues. Texture is an important part of Brazzola’s new Red and Black collection. Always experimenting with various new materials, techniques and styles, each painting is developed through a multi-layered progression. As multi-faceted as the artist himself, Brazzola’s paintings reflect the inherent nature of mankind where internal paradoxes and levels of consciousness merge to into a complex psyche.

Website:   http://www.nbrazzola.com/
Nils BrazzolaNils BrazzolaNils BrazzolaNils Brazzola
Nils BrazzolaNils BrazzolaNils BrazzolaNils Brazzola
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