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painting photography 
sculpture graffiti 
digital art drawing 
architecture fashion 
calligraphy ceramics 
collage pen and ink 
engraving etching 
lithography wood craft 

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About his art: Ancient to modern art. Oil paintings of surrealism, pure abstract, pointilism, and contemporary through the use of symbolism, imagery, and metaphysical. The paintings got a wide range of subjects from different historical periods in art. Each has his own unique style. Starting with cave art up to the present. There is no drawing done on any of them. The brush is the drawing instrument put directly onto the canvas with no white paint used. The themes are reflecting the subject of religious beliefs through symbols and color.

Website:   http://www.ronwilber.net/
Ronald WilberRonald WilberRonald WilberRonald Wilber
Ronald WilberRonald WilberRonald WilberRonald Wilber
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